Vertical Farming

7 days, seed to feed

With sustainability at the forefront of what we do, we’re transforming how animal feed is produced. We have created a vertical farming business model to produce year-round highly nutritious animal fodder using our planet positive technology. We design, manufacture and install grow rooms at no cost, with customers paying only for the fodder they require.




how it works

We deploy systems producing 1 to 200 tons of green feed per day, 365 days a year. A system grows seed to feed in just 7 days. Central computerized monitoring makes your grow room operation simple, and maintenance of the system is inexpensive. We finance your vertical farm – you simply buy the fodder, at less than market rate.

the benefits


  • Digestibility & nutrition
  • General health & disease resistance
  • Animal quality
  • Protein yields


  • Land, energy & water usage
  • Feeding & labour costs
  • Antibiotics, hormones, herbicides & pesticides


  • Soil prep, planting, irrigation, fertilizing, baling, etc.
  • Long-term storage of feed
  • Nutrient loss, fire hazard or feed going rancid/mouldy


  • Fresh feed 365 days/year
  • Climate proof technology
  • Meet market demand e.g. organic


Society is looking to farmers to increase food production to feed 9 billion people by 2050. They’re also expected to expand crop production, implement soil conservation activities, sequester carbon, stop deforesting and more. These are heavy burdens being placed on farmers – they’re expected to feed the world and help save it at the same time. Our objective is to help them meet these expectations.


A 580 sq. ft vertical farm can produce feed from the equivalent of 1180 acres. With vertical farming, this land can be released from grazing stresses or allow for other crop harvests, improving food sustainability and security.


The fodder and fiber-rich roots are all consumed, so there is no nutrient wasting.

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