Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Before deploying a CHP unit it’s smart to reduce energy loads first.

Did you know that up to 30% of energy consumed in commercial buildings is wasted?

The good news is this means there’s plenty of room for improvement in both cost savings and emissions reductions. Regular, scheduled, preventive maintenance of energy-consuming systems and accurate data to best manage them can mitigate at least some of that 30%. It’s an excellent start, yet we have several additional methods to improve performance for identified problem areas.

Pre-CHP Energy efficiency planning

Before deciding what capacity CHP is ideal for you, it pays to be accurate. Installing metering is a good step to measure actual use.

If your needs are more complex and there’s scope to reduce energy use, then our team performs and energy efficiency check.

We identify your key issues and recommend actions to phase-in. These may include:

  • Repairing, upgrading or replacing what are typically the biggest offenders of energy waste: air compressors, pumps, fans, motors and HVAC systems.
  • Next, we may alter the HVAC and lighting schedules, which are often the largest consumers of energy.
  • We research and source the ideal CHP for you, taking a Whole Building Approach, which considers the role of integrated parts of a building in energy use.
  • We can deliver Energy Management Tools and an Energy Management Strategy for optimum savings.
  • A change to a more energy efficient behaviour alone can drive costs down by up to 70%!

If you want to save money and cut emissions, talk to us about how to get started. 

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