Carbon Credits

What Are Carbon Credits?

A carbon credit is not a tax. Its a type of currency earned by following approved protocols for sustainable practices – most often that means reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon credits are a way to put more money in your pockets while helping both the environment and industry at the same time.

We help you deploy clean technology to reduce these emissions, allowing you to be rewarded with carbon credits which can then be sold to industry. Industry in turn uses the credits to offset its own emissions and ultimately pay less tax.

Our Impact in Alberta

Paid 5,600 people via carbon markets

5,600 people
via carbon markets

Paid $44,000,000 via carbon markets

$44 million
via carbon markets

Reduced emissions by 4 million tonnes of CO2e

Reduced emissions by
4 million tonnes
of CO2e

Reduced compliance costs by $20,000,000

Reduced compliance
costs by
$20 million

How We Help You Earn Carbon Credits

We provide strategic advice on clean technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate carbon credits. We’re Canada’s leading experts in the field: our team has been generating carbon credits via conservation cropping through our sister company, Carbon Credit Solutions, since 2008 – right after Alberta became the first jurisdiction in North America to create a Carbon Credit Protocol for the agriculture industry.

Wherever there’s an obligation, we’ll measure, report and verify (MRV) your greenhouse gas emission reductions and generate the right number of carbon credits with our proprietary CCS software. Then we’ll help you register your credits with the government and find a buyer for them as well. We’re here to navigate the process and ensure you can generate additional revenue.

We’re world leaders in gathering carbon credit data from aggregated project participants, which means even the smallest business may qualify for carbon credits. We know of what we speak: we’ve developed and sold in excess of four million carbon credits to date – and counting!

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