Biomass Boilers

What is it?

Biomass is fuel typically made from the waste organic material, which you can then use to produce energy and heat.


Because it’s made from naturally occurring or waste organisms, biomass renewable.


To  benefit from biomass fuel CSG offers highly efficient, easy-to-operate and long-proven biomass boilers.

Benefits of Our Biomass Boiler

By using biomass fuel from organic waste, your operation cuts both its energy costs and the cost of disposing of that waste.

But the environmental benefits are even greater! Burning biomass substantially reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to burning fossil fuels. That’s because while plants are growing, they already dispose of carbon dioxide during photosynthesis in quantities almost equal to what’s emitted when they’re burned. This gives you the potential of earning carbon credits while also avoiding carbon tax.

Product Overview

The biomass boilers from CSG works with multiple bio-fuels, including chips, grindings, shavings, briquettes and pellets.

  • They have high thermal efficiency (85% LHV, 90% HHV) and low particulate emissions (43mg/Nm3).
  • If need be they can handle up to 50% moisture content.
  • They feature an automatic feed, ash removal and tube cleaning, and can be monitored or have its parameters controlled remotely.
  • For reliability and endurance, it’s built with rugged German technology.

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